Hiring experience solution dominates the market with enhanced interviewer training to help talent acquisition teams win top talent quickly, legally, and cost-effectively.

GoodTime Interviewer Training

SAN FRANCISCO—(BUSINESSWIRE), GoodTime, the leading AI-based hiring experience solution, with clients such as Box, Shopify, and Zoom, has added enhanced interviewer training functionality to its features set to remove bottlenecks, reduce time-to-hire, and ensure a great candidate experience, no matter who conducts the interview.

GoodTime’s platform reduces time-to-hire by as much as 50% while saving as much as $500,000 per year in talent acquisition costs. The newly enhanced interviewer training feature is the culmination of significant work to give hiring teams the most advanced interviewer training management system available. New features include:

  • A redesigned interface for faster, scalable management of interviewers, training paths, progress, graduation, and more
  • Enhanced intelligence and automation that handles training complexities, including trainee prioritization, scheduling, and tagging graduates
  • Alerts and visual indications of tasks needing action, interviewers ready for their next phase, and schedule conflicts

When interviews aren’t conducted properly, they fail the company, the hiring team, and the candidate. In 2020 alone, the EEOC secured nearly $440 million dollars from nearly 68,000 discrimination cases. The GoodTime team identified three critical areas where the interview process falls short:

  • Not enough speed
  • Lack of communication
  • Bias

Jasper Sone, co-founder and CPO, stated, “Hiring post-COVID is a game of scalable personalization. It’s all about the candidate experience. Right now, open jobs in the market more than double the number of qualified job seekers, which requires hiring leaders to focus on speed and quality. Our interviewer training feature improves both by identifying bottlenecks in interview processes, and automating the process of training interviewers to fill the gaps. Not only does this new functionality decrease time-to-hire by up to 50%, but it also ensures that every interview is an opportunity to properly represent a company’s brand.”

Interestingly, there is a gap in understanding how interviewer training affects hiring goals. About 82% of employers believe that a candidate’s negative experience in the hiring process has little to no impact on their business. And yet, 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.

GoodTime’s enhanced interviewer training is used by the world’s top tech companies to improve candidate experience, avoid legal issues, mitigate bias, and land top talent faster.

To learn more about how GoodTime empowers interviewers and elevates the hiring experience, visit GoodTime.io.

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