Who doesn’t love an integration announcement? We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Uber for Business to help talent teams further automate the interview process and reduce time-to-hire while delivering a perk-enhanced candidate experience.

Revving up the Interview Process With GoodTime and Uber for Business

This collaboration is a first for Uber For Business in the HR and recruiting industries; we’ll try to contain our excitement. With the GoodTime and Uber for Business integration, talent teams can wow candidates before the interview process even begins. The integration allows companies to include vouchers for rides and meals with Uber for prospective hires in their interview calendar invites.

“Going the extra mile to offer vouchers for rides and meals shows candidates you care about their experience holistically. Demonstrating a people-first approach from the start helps to differentiate your company from the competition.” 

Susan Anderson, Global Head of Uber for Business

Regardless of if it’s an onsite or remote interview, candidates get to enjoy a never-before-offered experience. For onsite interviews, talent teams can offer vouchers for rides with Uber to get candidates to the office. For remote interviews, candidates can enjoy vouchers for meal deliveries with Uber Eats for a “lunch on the company” experience. 

The integration can be leveraged directly in GoodTime to help recruiting coordinators offer vouchers to candidates. GoodTime automatically adds vouchers to email invitations so that candidates have everything they need conveniently in one itinerary.

“The fastest hiring team offering the best experience typically gets the best candidates. For the first time in HR tech, GoodTime and Uber for Business offer that,” said Ahryun Moon, co-founder and Head of Company Strategy for GoodTime. 

Candidate Experience: More Critical Than Ever

Today’s job seekers don’t want smoke and mirrors; they expect transparency, trust, and deep connections. When companies cater to candidates, it pays off in big ways: companies that take a human-centered approach to talent acquisition are twice as likely to achieve financial success. 

And in today’s tight labor market, where great candidates are hard to come by, refining the candidate experience is mission-critical to hiring (and keeping) the right people. 

A perk-enhanced experience makes candidates feel confident that a company values them. But the benefits of uplifting the candidate experience don’t stop there:

  • Greater access to top talent. Even if a candidate doesn’t receive an offer letter, having a positive experience during the hiring process makes them more likely to consider your company in the future. This leads to a stronger applicant pool and a continuous stream of talent.
  • Improved employer brand. Your company’s reputation is everything; no one wants to work for a company with a bad track record. Candidates are more likely to speak positively about your brand to others—and attract more applicants in the process—if they had a pleasant hiring experience. 
  • Increased employee retention. Candidates who have a positive experience during the hiring process are more likely to feel valued and connected to your company. But even more than that, this can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and a lower risk of turnover. 

Deliver Five-star Candidate Experiences Today

In an era where landing top talent is harder than ever, the seamless, innovative experience found in the GoodTime and Uber for Business integration elevates candidate engagement and provides a best-in-class experience from the very first touchpoint.

Learn more about GoodTime and get a demo of the Uber for Business integration.

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