Talk about disruptive. The global pandemic was so disruptive that now, less than two years after its onset, up to 40% of employees are considering quitting their jobs. Talent acquisition ops teams are forced to made a big pivot to remote hiring– and do it quickly.

Why? Anthony Klotz, management professor who coined the term “The Great Resignation,” believes the rise of remote and hybrid work opportunities forced many of us to reexamine our priorities. “How we spent our time before the pandemic may not be how we want to spend our time after,” says Klotz.  

Now that the dust seems to have settled and we continue moving forward, hiring teams are in a unique position to transform not only who employers hire, but how they hire.

If you’re looking for ways to scale your talent operations so that you can hire talent who wants to work for you in a post-pandemic world, here are four ways to ramp up your remote hiring efforts.

Focus On Inclusion

While calls for DEI aren’t new, we do seem to have crossed a new threshold toward progress. TA teams now experience firsthand job seekers’ unwillingness to accept anything less than employers that provide a sense of belonging. In fact, 70% of job seekers say a company’s D&I efforts are top of mind when looking for potential employers.

  What you can do: Begin by assessing your hiring process — from sourcing, to application, to interview — and creating action items for improvement. Invest in technology that mitigates unconscious biases, helps you build diverse teams, and measures DEI success.

Compete With Employer Brand

In a candidate-driven market, job seekers look for companies that will provide a great employee experience in exchange for their skills and talent — which makes a strong employer brand the secret weapon of today.

Your employer brand introduces candidates to the type of workplace they can expect. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your vision, your mission, and your core values. A recent LinkedIn study showed that employers who invest in their employer brand see 50% more qualified candidates than those who don’t!

In today’s job market, employers who have been diligently nurturing a strong employer brand are winning the best candidates, and the ones who have neglected it are playing catch up. But it’s not too late.

What you can do: In a recent FlexJobs survey, 65% of respondents said they wanted to continue working remotely full-time. Now is the time to get remote recruiting right, so you can demonstrate your commitment to flexibility and attract the right people.

Reskill Current Employees

 The idea of reskilling has been a hot topic for years as technology continues to advance rapidly, making some 20th century industries obsolete. In 2018, the World Economic Forum even reported that 75 million jobs would be displaced by 2022, and that 133 new roles would be created in their place.

As skilled workers continue to leave industries severely impacted by the pandemic (like hospitality, retail, and healthcare), reskilling may be more critical than ever before.

To meet this challenge, companies need to invest in a culture of continuous learning; today’s employees not only want training and development — they expect it.

What you can do: To mitigate future disruptions, take a good look at your employees’ current skills. Identify gaps and define the competencies needed to close them. This will result in a proficient and adaptable workforce that can shift to market disruptions and industry demands.

Embrace Systems Made for Remote Hiring

One of the most notable changes for TA teams over the past year is the ability to hire from anywhere. For many, this was a transition that had never been attempted at such a large scale.

But the abrupt change from in-office to remote hiring provided talent acquisition a rare window of opportunity to accelerate the adoption of recruitment automation tools, and to keep up with candidates’ desires for more flexibility.

Virtual hiring is a complete game changer, giving candidates the flexibility to complete assessments and interviews—from anywhere. And for recruiters, the implementation of technology solutions can streamline the entire recruitment process and ensure a quicker time to hire.

With 70% of professionals saying that remote recruiting is the new normal, it’s time to level up and make sure you’re prepared to meet the needs of your candidates.

What you can do: Get noticed by amplifying your online presence and offering a virtual glimpse into your employee experience. Find online tools that automate repeatable processes — from sourcing to on-boarding—and speed up your time to hire.

Stay Ahead of the Game

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