How Zoom scaled interviews 450% in 15 global offices using GoodTime

How it all started

During the pandemic, Zoom became a household name by providing frictionless video communication to people across the world. To keep up with their sudden demand, Zoom rapidly doubled its employee count, and the recruitment team went from managing 2,000 interviews per quarter to 11,000. 

Though the team tried frantically to keep up with scheduling volume, they experienced major backlogs in their hiring pipelines that led to great candidates dropping out and too many unhappy hiring managers. To keep up with the new volume, Zoom turned to GoodTime to automate its processes.

What we were trying to achieve

Kristen Vance and her recruitment team knew they had to ease recruiter load, speed up processes, and find candidates fast. Her team wasted too much precious time and mental energy playing “calendar Tetris”. 

Zoom’s recruiting coordinators wanted to spend more time on valuable activities, like creating a more personalized candidate experience, and less on sending back-and-forth emails. The goal was simple: GoodTime Hire needed to minimize Zoom’s time spent scheduling each interview to make recruiting much more manageable.

“We were really looking for a scheduling solution that could really automate our process. We’re able to reduce our time-to-fill by scheduling faster while handling a larger scheduling load.”

Kristen Vance, Technical Recruiting Coordinator

A match made in heaven

Hire enabled Zoom to reduce their time-to-fill by making scheduling easier for candidates and empowering recruiters to schedule faster. Now, candidates can self-schedule their interviews at their favorite time. 

Better yet, Hire automatically syncs calendars so everyone is at the right place at the right time. With streamlined processes in place, Zoom’s recruiting coordinators can forecast their hires, create connections, and move quickly in a competitive job market.

Where we landed


Interviews per quarter


more interviews scheduled


Increase in head count

“GoodTime has incredibly impacted our candidate experience, and the feedback from candidates has been that they absolutely love it. They’ve remarked on the ease of use, and the quick turnaround keeps momentum going for the candidates and carries their excitement to the interview.”

Kristen Vance, Technical Recruiting Coordinator

How Hubspot’s recruiting team regained the bandwidth to focus on candidate relationships with GoodTime

How it all started

HubSpot provides CRM software and support to help businesses grow through marketing, sales, and service products.

While in the middle of immense organizational growth, the recruitment coordination team used a candidate tracking system to run the coordination process. However, the team quickly realized that the process had become too manual and inefficient to handle the scheduling of their increasingly high number of candidates. 

Soon enough, HubSpot’s recruiters found themselves bogged down by scheduling logistics, and their bandwidths took a massive hit. That led them to look into GoodTime as an automation solution for the team.

What we were trying to achieve

For HubSpot, scheduling interviews required a significant amount of back-and-forth between candidates, interviewers, and hiring managers. The team knew that adding automation to their recruitment would improve the hiring process for everyone involved. If they could lean on automation to make their process a little bit more efficient, recruiting coordinators would get time back to really focus on meaningfully connecting with candidates.

"GoodTime makes the process so much easier for the recruiting coordination team because it really eliminates a lot of the back-and-forth that we would have been previously going through between interviewers, candidates, and hiring managers."

Allie Scheu, Recruitment Coordination Manager

A match made in heaven

HubSpot transformed their previously manual, inefficient scheduling efforts into a streamlined hiring process fueled by data and automation.  GoodTime Hire freed up the schedules of HubSpot’s recruiting coordinators by reducing the time spent juggling calendars and fixated on details. They even received a bonus benefit of data and insights from Hire to identify any remaining inefficiencies in their recruitment efforts.

“Your recruiting coordination team is going to be given back the capacity and bandwidth to focus on what is most important, and that is ensuring the best possible candidate experience.”

Allie Scheu, Recruitment Coordination Manager

How Pinterest created an error-free, lightning-fast recruitment process using GoodTime

How it all started

Pinterest was born to spark ideas, creativity, and imagination. The visual search engine helps people imagine new possibilities, share ideas, and organize everything they love on an online pinboard. 

From its inception, Pinterest has transformed into a place where people go to inspire and be inspired. They wanted to deliver that same brand experience to candidates, but their process was slow and error-prone, ultimately leading to an experience that was ripe for improvement.

What we were trying to achieve

Prior to implementing GoodTime, Pinterest’s recruitment team used another platform that facilitated a slow, arduous scheduling process and let too many important scheduling details slip through the cracks. Every part of the process — from finding calendar availability, to copying and pasting email templates — took a considerable amount of time. 

This left candidates waiting much longer than necessary to hear if they’d gotten the job they wanted — and many decided not to stick around to find out. It was then that Pinterest turned to GoodTime Hire’s Candidate Relationship Intelligence to help recreate the applicant experience from the ground up.

“When we analyzed our recruitment process, we realized that it took 30 to 40 clicks just to get an invitation out to one candidate.”

Victoria Pérez, Recruiting Coordinator

A match made in heaven

With GoodTime, Pinterest’s interview scheduling process went from almost 40 clicks down to just 10 — a big improvement that sped up everything else. And it’s paying off. Pinterest is currently meeting hiring demands faster than ever before — something that could not be achieved without GoodTime. According to the Recruiting Coordination Team at Pinterest, after rolling out GoodTime’s solution all of the initial problems they were facing were completely eliminated. “GoodTime is a highly intuitive tool that has all the resources you need to work for you,” Victoria says. “To anyone who’s considering GoodTime, just do it. It speaks for itself, and you won’t regret it.”

Where we landed


clicks to schedule interviews, down from 40+


time savings with time-to-hire


reduction in errors, improving the candidate experience

“It has expedited the process for us. Now we schedule interviews faster, candidates are pushed through the process quickly, and recruiters are closing roles at record speed.”

Victoria Pérez, Recruiting Coordinator

Box’s recruiting coordinators got back 40% of their day with GoodTime

How it all started

When Shane Noe joined Box’s recruiting team, he wanted to answer one question: how can I empower tomorrow’s recruiters, today? As one of the fastest-growing providers of cloud-based content management tools, Box had to create a system that would support their talent team of 68 people, including nine recruiting coordinators responsible for scheduling more than 500 interviews every single month. 

After working with the talent team, Shane knew that he needed to find a partner that would help Box hit their hiring goals while creating an unparalleled candidate experience. Then, he met GoodTime.

What we were trying to achieve

Box had two overarching goals when they came to GoodTime. First, they wanted a drastic reduction in time spent scheduling for their talent coordinators. Second, they wanted greater visibility in the interview process. 

Before GoodTime, Box’s talent coordinators spent 90% of their time on scheduling, leaving virtually no time to grow as professionals. GoodTime aimed to simplify Box’s manual processes while making major improvements to their candidate relationships.

“GoodTime is a great accelerator for the hiring process. By leveraging the platform and putting more control into the hands of candidates, we've eliminated what’s normally the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process.”

David Moore, VP of Recruiting

A match made in heaven

GoodTime Hire’s automated interview scheduling enabled Box’s recruiting team to schedule even the most complex interviews in a matter of a few clicks. The team now selects interviewers not only by their availability, but also by their certifications, skill sets, and even by personal characteristics to support their DE&I initiatives — all while fitting right into their natural workflow.

Where we landed


reduction of time spent scheduling


reduction in time-to-schedule


upskilled Recruiting Coordinators that were promoted

“GoodTime saves us a lot of time in process efficiency, which really helped us grow as a recruiting function. I don’t have to worry about how much time I’m spending writing all my little notes in my notebook and, instead, I can focus more strategically on candidate experience projects.”

Mark Anderson, Enterprise Sales Recruiting

How Deliveroo leveraged GoodTime data to dramatically improve the candidate experience

How it all started

Deliveroo provides delivery services from a vast selection of top-rated restaurants in 13 countries. When Mikayla Warren, Deliveroo’s Senior Recruitment Operations Associate, joined their recruitment team of five, the interview scheduling process was a long, complicated, manual process. Having used GoodTime Hire at a previous company, Mikayla knew she wanted to implement it for her new team too.

What we were trying to achieve

There were three key changes Mikayla wanted to accomplish with GoodTime Hire. First was to automate hiring and enhance the candidate experience with faster scheduling. Next, she had a goal of training interviewers and better balancing interview load, something the team had no way of tracking previously (leaving many interviewers feeling burnt out). Once these processes were improved, the long term plan was to get data-driven insights to make better decisions moving forward.

“The data and insights that we get from GoodTime Hire help our team make decisions in a really dramatic way. All of these metrics help us set goals for what things should look like and how we’re going to get there.”

Mikayla Waren, Senior Recruitment Operations Associate

A match made in heaven

Deliveroo has been able to transform their hiring process into a well-oiled machine. All interviewers are trained quickly and aligned with the overall hiring strategy — which results in a faster, more efficient hiring process. This has impacted the candidate experience they provide, as candidates now feel welcomed into a seamless workflow with the ability to schedule and reschedule on their own. But Mikayla and the team hasn’t stopped there. They continue to analyze the real-time dashboard to identify the steps they need to take to optimize their interview process. With these metrics in place, Deliveroo has set goals and created a realistic strategy for reducing both time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

Where we landed


minutes to set up interviews, down from 25


employees hired with the help of GoodTime


chaotic, out-of-date spreadsheets necessary

“GoodTime Hire is the most efficient tool that I’ve ever worked with. It really improves your hiring goals and your time-to-hire. And it gives much better insights than I’ve seen from any other ATS or scheduling tool.”

Mikayla Warren, Senior Recruitment Operations Associate

How Beamery built world-class connections with candidates using GoodTime

How it all started

Director of Talent at Beamery, Matthias, noticed their hiring process was slow. And with Beamery’s goal to double the company’s current size, he knew slow wasn’t going to cut it. 

After setting an ambitious goal of a 14-day time-to-hire, Matthias took a hard look at their existing strategy. What he saw was a manual scheduling process that led to too many missed opportunities. He then turned to GoodTime to help modernize the process and build stellar connections with candidates.

What we were trying to achieve

Beamery wanted to empower and increase the productivity of their recruiters by spending less time on scheduling and more time on interviewing candidates. Since using GoodTime Hire’s Candidate Relationship Intelligence, Beamery reinvented their candidate experience and elevated the candidate relationship.

“The best candidates will not wait longer than two weeks to make the decision on their next step in their careers, and if you’re one of the first ones to offer a candidate the job, you’re in the driver’s seat.”

Matthias Schmeißer, Director of Talent

A match made in heaven

When the Beamery team heard that Hire could cut scheduling time by 50%, they were intrigued. Armed with their lofty vision, Beamery’s talent team was ready to empower recruiters with the tools and techniques that would get candidates scheduled fast. 

Now, Hire helps Beamery reach their ambitious recruiting goals with an automated scheduling tool, interview training and load balancing, and metrics that reveal the most crucial insights.

Where we landed


hours from application to scheduled interview


new candidate experience that elevates the candidate relationship


days, time-to-hire

“We wanted to empower and increase the productivity of our recruiters by spending less time on scheduling and more time on interviewing and the things that really matter.”

Matthias Schmeißer, Director of Talent

How LiveRamp scaled their organization 30% using GoodTime

How it all started

LiveRamp offers brands and the companies they work with identity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem, providing the foundation for true omnichannel marketing. Their services transform the technology platforms used by their clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing and ultimately allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love. 

LiveRamp came to GoodTime with one mission: getting candidates in the door faster to grow their business.

What we were trying to achieve

With offices across the globe, LiveRamp had 450 employees and was rapidly growing. The LiveRamp recruiting team set a standard of a 24-hour response time for all applications submitted. 

The team tasked GoodTime with helping them achieve that goal to ensure that they could attract and move as many qualified applicants through the interview process as possible.

“The fastest hiring team typically gets the best candidates. GoodTime helped us accomplish that.”

Erika Thorson-Garay, Head of Talent Acquisition

A match made in heaven

In today’s candidate-driven market, candidates have so many choices, making it competitive to acquire top talent. LiveRamp knew the fastest hiring team would attract the best candidates. They needed a product that could help them coordinate complex interview schedules with expediency and scalability — they needed GoodTime Hire. 

With a few simple clicks, LiveRamp’s recruiting team could select interviewers based on skill sets, choose multiple time frames for candidates, and include role-specific emails within a few minutes. This allowed recruiting coordinators to streamline the interview process and avoid back-and-forth emails to confirm an interview.

Where we landed


days from phone screen to full-panel interview


time-savings allowing the team to tackle more strategic projects


LiveRamp-branded experience from invitation email to the scheduling experience

“We started using GoodTime because we knew we needed to get candidates in the door faster to grow our business.”

Erika Thorson-Garay, Head of Talent Acquisition

How Axios aimed to double their headcount after speedy implementation of GoodTime

How it all started

Axios is a digital media company delivering breaking news and invaluable insight into the most consequential topics in politics, business, tech, science, and media. 

Before GoodTime, the Axios team had a manual hiring process that involved a lot of back-and-forth emails between the team and their candidates. The inefficiencies of their hiring process left the recruiting team scrambling to get candidates confirmed for interviews, resulting in a slower time-to-hire.

With the Axios team already swamped, they wanted a solution that they could easily implement to bring efficiency and automation to their hiring methods, enabling them to enforce their SLAs when responding to candidates.

What we were trying to achieve

Axios had a goal of doubling their headcount of 100 employees within three quarters — meaning there was little time to waste learning a new system. GoodTime outlined a fast-tracked implementation plan with weekly check-ins so the Axios team could immediately start scheduling phone screens. The team always had access to the in-app chat to get answers to additional questions in under two minutes.

“I’m a lot calmer now that we’ve implemented GoodTime. Before, I’d have to block out time and schedule for candidates and my stress level would go up.”

Talent Associate, Axios Media

A match made in heaven

In just three weeks, Axios’s recruiting team became masters of GoodTime Hire’s automated scheduling features. They found it effortless to schedule even a complex engineering interview. 

In a matter of a few clicks, the Axios team had their interview panel lined up with available interviewers. Meetings rooms were auto-selected to ensure the room was available for the duration of the interview. Even better, candidates received a personalized invitation to select the interviewing days that worked best for their schedule.

Where we landed


hours to confirm the majority of interviews


interviews scheduled since implementation


week to start scheduling phone screens

“Even if your process and system is great, you truly have no idea how great things can be until you adopt GoodTime.”

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition

How Rally Health leveraged metrics to drive efficiency using GoodTime Hire

How it all started

Rally Health is a health tech company helping consumers take control of their health and get a clear understanding of what their care will cost. They had been growing exponentially since their founding, and came to a point where they couldn’t keep up with demand no matter how many recruiting coordinators they hired. The recruiting ops team knew they needed a solution to optimize their processes if they wanted to keep up with their aggressive hiring goals.

What we were trying to achieve

Rally® had a number of items they wished to accomplish when moving away from their manual, spreadsheet-filled processes. They wanted a solution that would reduce turnaround time from availability requests to confirmation, the time it took to get candidates through the door, and overall time-to-hire. All this while ensuring the team scaled properly as their volume of interviews increased. The bottom line was clear; recruiting coordinators couldn’t afford to spend all their time scheduling.

“Now that we have GoodTime Hire, I have that hour back to focus on my interests in talent acquisition. I’m able to work on projects with recruiters and HR to find gaps in our candidate care and make it much better. I’m connecting the dots from the interviewing process to hiring.”

Corí Keene, Recruiting Coordinator

A match made in heaven

With GoodTime Hire, the Rally RC team has doubled their output. They can pull all the metrics they need automatically and as frequently as they need them to help them reach their aggressive hiring goals. They’ve used reports to identify roadblocks within their hiring process, and know if they need to hire additional recruiting coordinators in the event of an influx of interviews. Rally has been able to provide an amazing, seamless candidate experience through automated interview workflows and easily assigning the right interviews to each session.

“The data in GoodTime Hire is so important because we use a lot of it to help us reach our aggressive hiring goals. The metrics help us stay competitive and hiring effectively.”

Monika Warchol, Lead, Recruiting Coordination and Operations

How Patreon reduced time-to-hire by 50% with GoodTime

How it all started

Ever since coming to life in May 2013, Patreon has experienced hyper-accelerated growth. The recruiting team is no stranger to doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling headcount in the span of a year. This pace of growth calls for the recruiting team to have an extremely dynamic and robust recruiting infrastructure. 

However, scheduling at that volume created unique challenges for both Patreon’s internal and external recruiters. The solution? Turning to GoodTime to help solve those issues.

What we were trying to achieve

Scheduling was a BIG challenge. Patreon’s hiring process involved pre-screens, technical phone interviews, and onsites. Prior to using GoodTime, the scheduling process was time intensive, error prone and tedious. 

To meet the demands of hiring for the current year, the team needed to schedule more than 360 interviews a quarter. Working in multiple time zones created another obstacle: 3-10 hours would pass between communications with external recruiters and the Patreon team, meaning that coordinating with top candidates efficiently became problematic. 

With GoodTime Hire, Patreon tried to accomplish three things simultaneously: solving scheduling challenges, reducing the amount of time spent managing different time zones, and creating more opportunities to interview quality candidates.

“GoodTime increased the number of interviews scheduled per day by 2x, leading us closer to our recruiting goals.”

Eli Hamel, Director of Recruiting

A match made in heaven

Hire helped solve the scheduling time vacuum by aligning internal and external recruiters so that they all worked from the same calendar. Suddenly, that 3-10 hour comms gap vanished. Both teams could effortlessly schedule pre-screens and spend more time focused on attracting top candidates.

What’s more, Hire allowed Patreon’s recruiters to coordinate interviews at lightning speed. With interview information all on a single platform, it became way easier for the Patreon team to work together, track progress, and hand off quality candidates. 

With no need to toggle between different software and maintain various excel sheets just to track progress, the recruiting team is now empowered to display better data integrity.

Where we landed


number of interviews scheduled per day


hours saved in communication


(that’s right) zero errors with easy-to-build candidate instructions and email templates

“I mastered the use of GoodTime with a one-day tutorial. With GoodTime, it’s just so simple and convenient for me to be coordinating interviews for both internal and external recruiters!”

Katie Markwith, Recruiting Coordinator