How Formation drastically reduced their time-to-schedule with GoodTime

How it all started

Formation’s AI-powered marketing platform enables the world’s leading organizations to orchestrate their customer interactions. Initially, Formation only had one recruiter, carrying the weight of personalizing each candidate’s experience while also sourcing candidates and manually scheduling interviews. 

Despite hiring additional recruiters, it became increasingly difficult to genuinely connect with candidates with the little time they had left after manually scheduling interviews. Instead of onboarding even more recruiters, Formation turned to GoodTime to bring efficiency, scalability, and a more personalized candidate experience back into their hiring process.

Formation group employee photo

What we were trying to achieve

When Formation turned to technology, they focused on providing a great candidate experience and scaling to meet demand, all while driving down human error and inefficiencies. The solution needed to remove human error and the back-and-forth emails that come with scheduling interviews. This would give time back to their recruiters to prioritize interview preparation and create meaningful candidate relationships.

“Even though we’re a small team, since using GoodTime we’ve been able to stop relying on outside agencies and, instead, source our candidates ourselves. GoodTime enables us to be a truly full cycle team!”

Recruiter, Formation
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A match made in heaven

Since adopting GoodTime Hire, Formation’s team of full cycle recruiters spends less time scheduling and more time sourcing high-quality candidates and training interviewers. The candidates they hire not only perform better, but also tend to stick around at Formation longer. 

As a result, the number of positive reviews on Formation’s Glassdoor page has skyrocketed — many of which directly mention the efficiency of their interview process, and the quality of the feedback that they received from recruiters. With more time to spend on impactful tasks, one senior technical recruiter even built out an entire intern program in their Seattle office.

Where we landed


phone screens scheduled per week


decrease in time to schedule onsite interviews


days to hire from initial outreach

“The connection we’re able to have with the candidate from our first interaction makes them want to work for us even more.”

Senior Technical Recruiter, Formation
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How Pax tripled their workforce with one recruiting coordinator armed with GoodTime

How it all started

PAX Labs creates responsible, enjoyable, and personalized cannabis experiences to improve the quality of people’s lives through their focus on design and innovation. 

When they entered a period of hyper-growth and needed to triple their workforce to support their business goals, they only had one recruiting coordinator to carry the weight of it all. This sole coordinator turned to GoodTime to increase efficiency, meet their ambitious goals, and hire more help.

What we were trying to achieve

PAX had numerous requirements for their ideal product solution. It needed to scale with them as they increased their volume of interviews, and overall be easy to implement and use. 

The only way to keep up with their growth was to reduce the time it took to get candidates through the door and decrease their overall time-to-hire. This meant that their recruiting coordinator couldn’t afford to spend all of their time scheduling, or trying to learn a new system.

“GoodTime has been a huge time saver for me as a recruiting coordinator. It deals with the stressful part of looking for availabilities across multiple calendars while I can focus on getting as many interviews scheduled as possible!”

Olivia Yoon, Recruiting Coordinator
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A match made in heaven

With strong dedication from both sides, PAX Labs was fully ramped up and using GoodTime Hire after just one week. Weekly check-ins with their CSM answered any and all fringe questions quickly, which allowed PAX to even further realize the full value of Hire. 

Since then, the time candidates spend in each stage of the hiring process decreased to nearly two days per stage. Automating the scheduling process significantly reduced their turnaround time, so PAX can now move candidates through the process much more quickly and keep up with their ambitious hiring goals.

Where we landed


increase in employee count in less than a year


interviews scheduled in just nine months


reduction in time to hire

“Removing the manual calendar puzzling that takes place when trying to schedule complex onsite interviews allows for a more seamless experience overall. GoodTime dramatically reduces the time the coordinator spends per interview.”

Molly Orloff, Recruiting Operations Specialist
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How Rubrik recoups thousands of hours scheduling interviews with GoodTime

How it all started

Rubrik makes it easy for businesses to backup, recover, replicate, search, analyze, archive, and copy data in the cloud. 

The head of Rubrik’s six-person recruiting team, Neboysa Omcikus, started at the company when there were only 15 employees. Despite growing the headcount to 200, Neboysa knew they were reaching the limits of their capabilities. 

The interview process was painful, time-consuming, error-prone, and not scalable for next year’s hiring goals. When the internal software built by their engineers proved unsuccessful, Rubrik turned to GoodTime.

What we were trying to achieve

In 2017, Rubrik aimed to grow by 250%. Moving from 200 to 500 employees meant the six-person recruiting team could no longer afford to dump time into mundane scheduling tasks. The team needed to find a way to recoup at least 30-40 hours each week on scheduling if they were going to hit their targets.

“Recruiting is a reflection of your company as a whole. Candidates start to see that in all the smallest stuff we do. Our candidates say that scheduling through GoodTime is the most efficient process they went through.”

Jessica Chao, Technical Sourcer
Rubrik logo, black

A match made in heaven

With GoodTime Hire, the average time it takes the team to set up an interview invite decreased from 20 minutes to just a minute and a half. Candidates now receive automated, customized invitations to select the interview time that works best for them. 

When candidates inevitably needed to reschedule, it used to eat up bandwidth. With Hire, replacing an interviewer or rescheduling became barely an inconvenience. All in all, Rubrik saved immense time, stress, and money with Hire — almost like having an extra person on the team.

Where we landed


hours saved each week


reduction in average time to set up an interview invite


less time spent scheduling per week

“With GoodTime, your team gets back 30-40 hours a week. It’s like having another recruiter.”

Neboysa Omcikus, Head of Talent
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How ZeroCater schedules interviews 7.2x faster with GoodTime

How it all started

ZeroCater is a tech-enabled, corporate catering service for growth-stage companies. 

When Matt Greenburg started as Director of Recruiting back in 2016, manual tasks and endless back-and-forths with candidates defined the company’s interview processes. As ZeroCater scaled their hiring efforts, Matt sought to instill the interview process with greater consistency and efficiency.

What we were trying to achieve

Matt set the goal of increasing hiring speed while forming genuine bonds with candidates. To accomplish this, the team wanted a product that could handle the complexity of on-site interviews, one of the biggest time sinks. 

They had piloted a few tools that proved to be unreliable and ultimately took away from the candidate experience. ZeroCater turned to GoodTime for a solution that could book conference rooms, manage multiple interviewers’ calendars (including busy executives’ calendars), and easily reschedule on-site interviews.

“We are a user focused organization. Therefore, the candidate experience is really paramount for us. We tried multiple tools but decided on GoodTime because our candidates gave positive feedback on the ease and speed of interview scheduling they experienced”

Matt Greenburg, Director of Recruiting
ZeroCater logo, black and red

A match made in heaven

It wasn’t long before ZeroCater started reaping the benefits of GoodTime Hire; finally, the team achieved consistency. Candidates received the option to choose an interview time that best suited them without any back-and-forth, and the feedback was nothing but positive. Even rescheduling was no longer an issue, as Hire allowed coordinators to easily pick replacement interviewers with relevant experience and expertise. 

With Hire in their tech stack, the ZeroCater team scheduled interviews much faster, reduced their time-to-hire, and found time to focus on the most important element: forming the candidate relationship.

Where we landed


faster interview scheduling


flexibility to manage complex onsite interviews


new hires in just one year

“For us, the biggest reason why we use GoodTime is to reduce the back-and-forth and to reduce the total time-to-hire.”

Matt Greenburg, Director of Recruiting
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